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Got a nagging question you'd like to get help from the community about? That, my friend, is the very reason the Cool Solutions Wiki was started. Come on in, post your question, and see who pops forth with an article about it.

I took the liberty of posting some previously Novell internal notes and guides on ZENworks on my [Evil ZEN Scientist blog].

While I'm at it - who else blogs or writes about ZENworks?

Blogging about ZENworks

How about a Cool Solutions for the following that still plague me:

1) Automatic uninstall of Microsoft Client for Windows Networks 2) Automatic uninstall of File/Printer sharing, Win XP

I am testing out an app object that changes the local adminstrator password. I used a cool solution, unfortunately I have since been unable to locate it! The suggestion was to have the 'path to executable file' as %*WINSYSDIR%\NET.exe, and the 'parameters' as USER Administrator <password>. This works great, however anyone who might happen to look at this object would know the local admin password for all the workstations! Is there any way to hide that? Thanks!