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Welcome to the ZENworks Wiki!!

As already mentioned on the wiki main page, please feel free to join in. You can read anything in here without logging in, but if you feel like commenting on something, or starting a new thread, you'll need to use a Novell Login account (which you'll be prompted to create if you don't already have one).

Open source content instead of code!

We all know the traditional ZENworks CoolSolutions articles, they are a great recourse for tip's and trick's. The Wiki pages make it possible to be much more flexible and have people share information and work together to get some great content.

One of the main benefit's is that people can add additional information into a page, as example if someone wrote an article about how to work with add-on images but you've got some additional trick's that might be useful, just add this information to the article so that others can use it as well.

If you've used a wiki before, you'll have no trouble getting used to this format. If not, you should take a minute to learn more about it.

The topics

So let's try to get some more content on these pages and see if we can make it a real ZENworks encyclopedia. Below is an index with different subjects, feel free to add any if needed.

Got a nagging question you'd like to get help from the community about? That, my friend, is the very reason the Cool Solutions Wiki was started. Create a page to describe the problem and add your page to the ZENworks in progress page so that others will find it and may be able to document what needs to be done to resolve your issue. If you are working on a page and would like to encourage others to help you out, also post a link to your page on the ZENworks in progress page so that others might jump in and assist.

ZEN specific


Other recources