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ZENworks in progress

If you created a ZEN related page and would like to have someone to assist, post a note on this page, hopefully someone might be able to assist

How about a Cool Solutions for the following that still plague me:

  1. Automatic uninstall of Microsoft Client for Windows Networks
  2. Automatic uninstall of File/Printer sharing, Win XP
  3. Already Processing Errors on Windows 98

-=Launch Scripts=- I was wondering what the format was for scripts in the 'Run Before Launching' box. We have an application that we would like people to log their usage of in an Excel document. The doc is on a network drive, and we wanted it to automatically open before the app was run. It requires a simple command: "C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office\excel.exe" p:\VNC\VNClog However, I must not be doing it right, because currently VNC opens, and the excel doc never does. Is there a "call" or "launch" statment, or something similar?

Thanks a bunch!