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Draft Netware Version Wiki

Starting point for Netware Version (tracking) wiki -- for those who need to maintain older configurations.

Only NW6.5 is currently supported. For older versions, this page reflects community wisdom only.

Netware 5.x

Netware 5.0 and 5.1 use overlapping version strings. In reading abend logs, the version string (line 2 of the Abend entry, right after the abend number) may be ambiguous between several versions, and you will need the date of the server.nlm file or other additional information to decode the critter.

Netware 6.0

In Netware 6.0, version numbers incremented more consistently, but the version major code was still "5." -- justified by noting the kernel hadn't changed as much as the application products.

Netware 6.5

Netware 6.5

Finally, in NW6.5 at and after Support Pack 3, the abend log shows the major number was bumped and the increments were consistent, but version shows a leading 5 with the 2nd number bumped. Some required patches added the code "CPR" (for "Critical Product Release") after the version to indicate an important update of the kernel or other core code between Support Packs.

Netware 5.x/6.0 Version Decoder Ring
OS+Support Pack Version String "Decimal" Server.NLM Date
NW5.1SP2 5.00j __ September 21, 2000
NW5.1SP5 5.00_ 5.00.10 July 10, 2002
NW5.1SP7 5.00k 5.00.10 December 9, 2003
NW5.1SP8 5.00l 5.00.11 January 19, 2005
NW6.0SP5 __ 5.60.05 May 27, 2004
NW65SP2 6.50.02 5.70.02 June 11, 2004
NW65SP3 CPR PVER: 6.50.03 5.70.03 May 23, 2005
NW65SP4 PVER: 6.50.04
NW65SP5 __ 5.70.05 April 11, 2006
NW65SP6 6.50.06 5.70.06 October 26, 2006

Room for Corrections

Looking forward to the sysops' notes on this page.