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Draft Volume Copy Utility wiki page.

This page captures some references for running VCU. VCU is provided with late model versions on Netware (such as NW6.5SP7), and is a tool for converting TFS ("traditional file system") volumes to NSS volumes, to get the advantages of fast loading, larger volume size, and updated tools. There are a few applications that do not enjoy working with NSS, but for most environments, NSS volumes will be preferred.

As mentioned in TID 10020279, this is not an "in-place" conversion. It requires free disk space for the new NSS partition equal to or greater than the size of the data on the traditional volume being converted. It is a copy utility, not a conversion utility.

Quick Start

VCU is invoked from the Netware console prompt. This screen shot shows the usage information displayed when VCU is invoked without parameters.


TID 10020279: How to convert a traditional NetWare volume to an NSS volume


TID 10066002: Prevention of data corruption when converting a traditional volume to a NSS volume.

Stop Aps TID

TID 3930743: VCU can't copy files larger than 4 GB


Large File TID]

TID 10088704: VCU Deleting MAC Resource Forks

Resource Fork TID

OES2 NSS Documentation:

Managing Software RAID Devices

TID 10096727: How to expand an existing volume with NSS in NetWare

TID for expanding volumes

TID 3086326: NW 6.5 - Can't hide _NETWARE directory.

Hiding _Netware TID

Room for Corrections

Looking forward to the sysops' notes on this page.