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===Forgotten Password question ideas (Challenge Response)===
==Good questions==
These are questions i cant find fault with, if you disagree feel free to edit the wiki! <br>
<b>What is your favourite colour?</b><br>
<b>What is your favourite colour?</b>
==questionable questions==
These type of questions may be fine for some enviroments but could cause problems in others.  On the other hand they could just be plain dumb.
{| border="1" cellpadding="5" width="100%" cellspacing="0" align="center"
! style="background:#efefef;" width="35%" | Question
! colspan="2" style="background:#efefef;" width="65%" | potential issue
|'''What is your shoe size?'''
|too easy to guess as male shoe size range is small that many options? / shoe's left in the gym
|'''What is your inside leg measurement?'''
|do most people know this?
|'''What is your payroll id?'''
|written on your staff ID card?
|'''What is your mortgage/rent payment per month?'''
|too personal?
|'''What colour are your partner's eyes?'''
|not everyone has a partner!
|'''What is your mother's maiden name?'''
|various Geneology databases hold lists of marrages and and maiden names ''(perhaps being a little paranoid here?)''
|'''What is your favourite beverage?'''
|'''there is only one answer in my company, may be ok in yours? :)'''
|'''What was your high school mascot?'''
|Is this an American thing? if so could be fine for a US workforce
|'''What was the name of your first pet?'''
|not everyone has or has had a pet ''(believe it or not)''
|'''What are the last 4 digits of your social security number?'''
|Another American thing? if so could be fine for a US workforce, or wored to include another companies equivilent
|'''What is your Fathers middle name?'''
| Not all have a middle name and middle names often becomes sons first  name
|'''What was your first car/bike?'''
| Not all had a car or bike
|'''What is the third letter of your home address(street name)?'''
|This can change in time
|'''How long have you lived at your current address?'''
|This changes in line with the time!

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