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Technical difficulties

Hello Kgroneman,

I see someone have upgraded the wiki to a recent release! Yay!

Unfortunatly, there seem to have some difficulties with the new version. The thumbnails for pictures don't look right, they show a "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination" message.

Also there is some issue with the CSS. Sometimes they don't load. Do you have a reverse proxy or a application firewall between the wiki server and the Internet?

And I think you're already aware of the spammer.

Regards, --Solitarius (talk) 15:15, 16 March 2015 (UTC)

Yes, thanks. We're aware of some of the issues and are trying to fix them since we moved to the new template. - Kim

Mass deletion of my pages?

Why have my pages been deleted? They are important information for SUSE Manager supporters and consultants, I have just finished publishing them.

Please restore them at the earliest.

Regards, SilvioMoioli

Request to block users and notice of reverting

Hello Kim. Can you delete, ban or block the following users:

I've also reverted your reverts on my change on two pages. If it's an issue, message me on my talk page.

Thanks you! --Solitarius (talk) 20:04, 4 October 2016 (UTC)