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Marcus Williamson is the founder and owner of Connectotel, a networking software company based in England.

Articles by Marcus Williamson in Novell AppNotes:

Time in the NetWare Environment - January 1994

Configuring NetWare 4 for the Mobile User - July 1994

Licensing and Serialisation in NetWare 4.1 - July 1996

Accessing the Novell Support Connection Web Forums on the Internet - February 1998

Btrieve in the NetWare Server Environment - February 1999

Integrating ManageWise with E-mail, Mobile Phone, Pager and Fax Systems - May 1999

Using Network Time Protocol (NTP) with NetWare 5 - July 1999

Using ZENworks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - November 1999

Configuring BorderManager Authentication Services for use with ActivCard Tokens - May 2000

Implementing Strong Passwords in an NDS environment - August 2000

Policy-Based Management of Mobile Phones - March 2001

Understanding BorderManager HTTP Proxy Logs - January 2002

Using Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager - February 2003