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Anders, a Novell Support Connection Volunteer (NSCV) SysOp since 1998, is a consultant working for a small consulting company in Scandinavia. After passing the matriculation examination in 1978 at Ålands Lyceum, he received a B.Sc. (eng) from Tekniska Läroverket i Helsingfors, Finland 1983. He became the ninth Finnish CNE in 1992, and is currently a CNE6. He became a Compaq ASE in 1996. In July 1999, he was awarded the title Eur. Ing. from FEANI.

Anders founded the company "Rox" in 1984, together with Peter Granholm. In 1996, Rox had 6 full-time employees, and a turnover of approximately 1.5 million pounds (10 million FIM), and was the only Novell Gold Reseller in the Ã…land area. He started with NetWare in the 1.02-days and has had experience with most Novell-related product families: OS, eDir, Web-based, Collaboration.

Over time, Anders grew tired of moving boxes, and Peter and Anders sold Rox and founded the company Pedago Ab. Pedago Ab is a company focused on three areas: Advanced Communications and Network Consulting, Education, and programming. Pedago currently has 3 employees.

Anders has authored several "Novell AppNotes" articles, and other magazine articles, and has also been a speaker at the Finnish CNE-Summits and at Novell's BrainShare Conference in Salt Lake City.

When not playing with computers, Anders likes to sail, travel and nurse his 1970 Beetle.