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SLES scalability

What are the maximum number of processors/core supported by SLES10 i.e upto how many processors SLES 10 scales up well? thanks Srikrishan

Using YaST for installing non-SuSE packaged software

I'm curious on the best method for using YaST / update software for installing RPM's which are not part of the standard SuSE set of SLES packages.

For example,


For now, I've been downloading various RPMs [1] into a given special directory (i.e. /disks) . Then pointing update sources to that directory, and ignoring the error which comes up.

It seems to work ok, but wondering if there's a better way of doing this... like putting the direct FTP site in YaST (error's out for me).

Also, periodically, YaST Software update crashes on me, given certain RPM packages. Completely reproducable, who should I report it to?



Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated... Thanks,

--IainDavidson 20:30, 30 Jul 2005 (MDT)

Use installation sources

I can't supply the detail of how to do it right now, but what you need to do is setup additional installation sources. YaST will then be able to review dependancies, etc and provide the most updated packages from wherever when you search. I believe 'pacman' is one of the more popular sources... poke around and you'll find a few. I also think that you can setup SLES to be an installation source for custom packages. Again, not sure how... but I think it's possible.

--Jesse Pretorius 17:17, 23 Mar 2007 (ART)

how to configure webdav sles 10

Does anyone have docs on how to configure webdav for sles 10?