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How to use this discussion page

The purpose of this discussion page is specifically to discuss the text of the article. If you see obvious mistakes or if you have improvements to make about which you are sure, then feel free to modify the main article. This is a wiki after all. However if you have suggestions about improvements of the article, but you are not 100% sure about them, the wiki page is a good place to post them and discuss them.

This page is not a technical support page

Do not post any technical support questions on this page. If you post a technical support question, you are simply wasting your time. Your question will most likely be completely ignored as this is not the place for technical support. If you have a technical support question, post it in the support forums. Go to, find the appropriate forum and post your question there. In most cases, you will get a reply within a few days or sometimes just within a few hours.

User Comments

Does this mean that no one has yet installed NW65SP7? Pretty quiet in here...

I have NW65SP7 on two servers and it looks like it´s much more stable than SP6. David

The link for the BM transparent proxy issue is referring to Is this still fact for the current version as well? Rudi.

How important are the post-SP7 patches?

When will Novell release NW65SP8?

iPrint plugin

I moved the iPrint plugin "issue" here. So far I never got around testing it and it causes too much discussiobn and confusion in the iPrint forums without anyone actually having confirmed the issue.

iPrint plugins in mixed iManager 2.6/2.7 tree and RBS collections

Sticky.gif Note: This issue still has to be officially confirmed.

It seems that Novell has renamed the classes for the iPrint/NetWare plugin in for iManager 2.7. Previously it was com.novell.service.ndps.eMFrameStart, but now it seems to have become com.nveoo.service.ndps.eMFrameStart. This causes problems with RBS collections. As long as your collections have not been updated to iManager 2.7, then the iPrint plugin on iManager 2.7 will not work. However once you update your collections, the iPrint plugin on iManager 2.6 will cease to work because of the incompatible class names.

--Marcel 13:33, 23 December 2007 (MST)

Still too early?

Is it still to early to judge the quality of this SP?  ;-}

What's the login name to install this?

No where is it documented the login name to enter when you go to install this, tried admin which is the default admin login name and it doesn't work.