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NLD install issues?

I've struggled to get the IntelPro wireless 2200 adapter in my laptop to be recognized. Anyone else had better luck?

This should help you: this can also help:

Excellent ...thank you!

Still having Issues? I have been running it on my r51 ibm laptop for months w\NLD.

With NLD sp3 I have had no problems as well. Has anyone had any success with the xsupplicant?

Slow Site

    This site is really very slooooow for sure.  Takes more then a minute between clicks and browser said:  waiting for

Dell Optiplex GX60 - video issues

I managed to get this one working previously, but have now forgotten how I did it. A reinstall was needed, but once I try to go to a GUI interface, I get no screen, and a message about the resolution not being correct.

Still new to Linux, and years away from my last Unix environment, I'm learning from scratch. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

Black screen during yast on install

Installing Suse Desktop 10.1 onto Dell GX1(P3) w/1GB ram. Using Matrox video. During install process approximately during yast virtual terminal section, the install prompts "Please supply a config file" and then goes to a black screen and does not proceed. I've tried all install optionns. Any thoughts?