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NLD install issues?

I've struggled to get the IntelPro wireless 2200 adapter in my laptop to be recognized. Anyone else had better luck?

This should help you: this can also help:

Excellent ...thank you!

Still having Issues? I have been running it on my r51 ibm laptop for months w\NLD.

Slow Site

    This site is really very slooooow for sure.  Takes more then a minute between clicks and browser said:  waiting for

Dell Optiplex GX60 - video issues

I managed to get this one working previously, but have now forgotten how I did it. A reinstall was needed, but once I try to go to a GUI interface, I get no screen, and a message about the resolution not being correct.

Still new to Linux, and years away from my last Unix environment, I'm learning from scratch. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!