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(Email SPAM)
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We need a solution, and it's becoming a bottom-line issue. I was
glad to see that this week Yahoo and Cisco announced they are
combining their anti-spam efforts</a> --
Yahoo's Domainkeys and Cisco's Internet Identified Mail (IIM) --
as, you guessed it, Domainkeys Identified Mail. The two use
similar technologies that attach digital signatures to mail that
are checked to ensure that the message was actually sent from the
domain named in the message's "from" address.
Jimmy Kuo is right when he says that the ability to forge a
"from" address, which is used on most spam, is the thing that
makes e-mail a highway into your PC.
Tell vendors that, if they're not part of the
solution, they're part of the problem.
Yahoo and Google's Gmail and other companies have implemented

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