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How do you get the PPD printer driver files into the Broker's Resource Management?

I'm using iManager 2.0.2 and it doesn't have the ability to add Linux Printer drivers like you would with the Windows drivers, even when I'm using NLD 9 as my desktop and have installed the Novell-iPrint-xclient-i586 package.

iPrint has been implemented properly on our Netware server for some time now and we have no problem with Windows desktop installing the printer from iPrint.

Do I need a newer iManager than 2.0.2?

Thanks for any help given.

Linux Drivers

You can only upload PPD drivers to the Broker using a Windows machine running IE

Script to Stop / Restart iprint

Does anyone have a nice little scripty that can stop and restart all iprint services cleanly on a OES box? any help would be nice thanks,

Map Editor

Is there any way to change the HTML that the Map Editor outputs so it uses some other method than div tags to postion picutres over the background image you specify?

I would like to have the site scale down in size if there is a large detailed floor plan I am working with or enlarge if nessescary.

Any direction appreciated!

Wiki Category

How about adding "iPrint" to the wiki as a category?