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For technical support on GroupWise Mobile Server it is recommended that you visit the support newsgroup rather than leaving comments in the discussion portion of this wiki.

HTC P3600

The HTC P3600 is listed under working devices. We have some trouble installing the client using GW mobile server 2. Does anybody have some suggestions how to solve the problem?

      • Please see the above link for the newsgroups - I only "stumbled" upon your question today because I was editing the wiki - you will get better support in the newsgroup - dzanre

Distinction GMS 1 vs. GMS 2

GMS 2 added many devices previously not (or only partially) supported. I would prefer a more structured overview.

When will the Ipaq 6915 be supported?

Sony Ericsson K800i

Someone got K800i working? Nobody?

Nokia 5500


The Nokia 5500 is listed under Almost working devices. Does anyone have a howto for making the device 'almost work' ?




Is it working with palm treo600? I tried without any success.

Work great with my pocket pc 6700.