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Quick Summary of the Migration Model

The Migration Platform is a composition of Unix command-line tools with a GUI "skin" wrapped over them. If you are unfamiliar with the Unix philosophy for such tools, read the wikipedia explanation of the philosophy FIRST.

To summarize the migration model:
Each migration command line program does one thing and does it well.
Each migration command line program works together through the universal interface of stdin/stdout text streams (where needed). Specifically the text format used is YAML.
Migration follows a target/source model. All migration utilities reside on the target OES server and the utilities are "pointed" to the source server.
All YaST Migration GUI Wizards drive the Linux command line utilities. The GUI utilities are found in the Migration group of the Control Center.
Migration command line have linux man documentation which can be read by invoking: man <program_name>
All Migration command utilities can be found in the directory /opt/novell/migration/sbin

Glossary of Migration Terms

Getting Started

Service Migration HOWTOs

File Service Migration from Netware to OES 2 Linux

File Service Migration from Netware into an OES 2 Linux SAN

File Service Migration from a Netware Cluster to a OES 2 Linux Cluster

Print Service Migration from Netware to OES 2 Linux

Groupwise Migration from Netware to OES 2 Linux

Other Services Migration from Netware to OES 2 Linux


  • Why does the command line get so much emphasis in the new migration utilities?
 Flexibility and Power through text processing and scripting.
  • Why is the command line output format in YAML?
 YAML is simple and easy to text process.  Linux is all about text processing.  
 And to boot, ruby, perl, and python have builtin parsers for YAML making it a scriptaculous file format to use.
  • Why would I want to text process the migration utility output?
 The article How to modify login scripts is a great example of the power of text processing.  In that example the administrator is migrating trustees from 
 a source tree to a target tree.  In the process, the administrator wants to change mappings on the new system.  With a sed substitution command, all login 
 scripts can be changed on the system.  
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Open Enterprise Server Migration Support Forum

Open Enterprise Server Support Forums


Thanks be to Mark and Tim from the the group we affectionately call "the kiltmen". They deserve much credit for the things we got right with services migration. Also we are very appreciative to all of our customers who spoke with us during Brainshare, the input and education was extremely valuable. We eagerly anticipate your input on this wiki, which represents a sort of Virtual Brainshare for Migration.