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===[[ Amazing... ===]]...it actually works :-)
===[[ Amazing... ===]]...''it''
== actually ==
works :-)

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Welcome to the Cool Solutions Sandbox!

Feel free to try your skills at formatting here.

To edit, click the edit tab at the top of the page.
Make your changes in the dialog box.
Click the Save page button when you are finished.

Changes are very easy to make! That's right, content will change as others modify it.


=== Amazing... ===...it


works :-)

I am adding a box to test the wiki |)




      OK - I will make a change too! So, what wiki software is being used for this? - Oh I see a reference at the bottom of the page to MediaWiki!

      Just checking it out, thanks! How do start a new article? Doesn't this tend to become a sort of bulletin board on specific topics?

      yeah, that's what it seems like to me...

      Try it out...

      I will give it a try, to change it is very simple, or not

      Wiki is nice!

      Tadaaa I have wiki'd

      --- Agregado ---

      Esta es un modificación importante : aprendiendo a "wikiar" !

      --- Fin ---


      thats easy =================== A few words from SW7 hello who wrote the first novell server software? and when?


      New section

      !!!! I can edit ...... wow it's "wiki" .....\ Roberto

      New section

      This is an internal link sandbox page

      == Yup ==