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z Systems (aka s390x)

SUSE Manager Server 2.1 is available natively for many IBM z Systems.

While 'z Systems' is the marketing name choosen by IBM, Linux people usually know it as the 's390x' architecture.

PXE booting on s390x

PXE booting is specific to x86-like architectures and not available on s390x.

Pure PXE is not available on s390x, but zPXE from the s390-tools package comes pretty close.

Here is how you can use zPXE to deploy a s390x guest with SUSE Manager.


  • profile_list
  • s_<host>
  • s_<host>_parm
  • s_<host>_conf

Example configuration

  • s_linux033
  • s_linux033_conf


  • s_linux033_parm
   TERM=dumb usevnc=1 vncpassword=password
   HostIP= Hostname=s390vsl033
   Gateway= Netmask= Layer2=1
   ReadChannel=0.0.0800 WriteChannel=0.0.0801 DataChannel=0.0.0802
   Nameserver= OSAHWAddr=  portname=  portno=0
   InstNetDev=osa OsaInterface=qdio OsaMedium=eth Manual=0
   autoyast= hvc_iucv=8
   console=hvc0 console=ttyS0