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supportconfig Confidentiality Disclaimer

When handling Service Requests, supporters and engineers may ask for the output of the supportconfig tool from the SUSE Manager Server or clients.

The standard disclaimer applies:

Detailed system information and logs are collected and organized in a manner that helps reduce service request resolution times. Private system information can be disclosed when using this tool. If this is a concern, please prune private data from the log files. Several startup options are available to exclude more sensitive information. Supportconfig data is used only for diagnostic purposes and is considered confidential information.

In the SUSE Manager Server's case, please be aware that supportconfig's output will contain information about clients as well.

In particular, debug data for the Subscription Matching feature contain a list of the registered clients, their installed products and some minimal hardware information (CPU socket count). It also contains a copy of subscription data available from the SUSE Customer Center.

If this is a concern, please prune data in the subscription-matcher directory in the spacewalk-debug tarball.