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Cloning channel per RHEL update level

You can create a clone of the SUSE Expanded Support channels for RHEL as per the RHEL update level, for example RHEL 5.8 with the spacewalk-create-channel utility.

First you need to install the spacewalk-remote-utils package which is in the SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools channels. Here we will install it locally on the SUSE Manager server but you can install and use it on a remote server. Make sure that the channel SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools is enabled :

# zypper mr -e SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools

Install :

# zypper install spacewalk-remote-utils

Then you can use the spacewalk-create-channel command :

# spacewalk-create-channel --user=Admin --server=localhost --sourceChannel=res5-x86_64 --version=5 
--update=u8 --release=Server --arch=x86_64 --destChannel=rhel-5.8-x86_64 --clone
Trying with source channel: res5-x86_64
Reusing rhel-5.8-x86_64 as destination channel
3585 packages in source file to push.
Pushing 1667 packages, please wait.
Successfully pushed 1667 packages out of 3585

Warning : The packages pushed into the cloned channels are in the original minor update release version, for instance in this example you will not find the latest patches of the RHEL 5.8 in rhel-5.8-x86_64 channel.

For detailed information use the manual of the spacewalk-create-channel command :

# man spacewalk-create-channel