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You can create a clone of the SUSE Expanded Support channels for RHEL as per the RHEL update level, for example RHEL 5.8 with the spacewalk-create-channel utility.

First you need to install the spacewalk-remote-utils package which is in the SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools channels. Here we will install it locally on the SUSE Manager server but you can install and use it on a remote server. Make sure that the channel SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools is enabled :

  • zypper mr -e SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools

Install :

  • zypper install spacewalk-remote-utils

Then you can use the spacewalk-create-channel command :

  • spacewalk-create-channel --user=Admin --server=localhost --sourceChannel=res5-x86_64 --version=5 --update=u8 --release=Server --arch=x86_64 --destChannel=rhel-5.8-x86_64 --clone


Trying with source channel: res5-x86_64

Reusing rhel-5.8-x86_64 as destination channel

3585 packages in source file to push.

Pushing 1667 packages, please wait.

Successfully pushed 1667 packages out of 3585