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Minion Content Staging

Every Organization admin has the possibility to enable Content Staging for the Organization configuration page (Admin > Organization > OrgName > Configuration > Enable Staging Contents). Prior to SUSE Manager 3.1, this option was read only by traditional clients to stage content (packages and patches) before an installation, in order to improve the timing of installing/updating packages and patches.

Starting from SUSE Manager 3.1, Enable Staging Contents also targets minions client in the organization considered.

Staging for minions is affected by two parameters:

  • salt_content_staging_advance: expresses the advance time, in hours, for the content staging window to open with respect to the scheduled installation/upgrade time.
  • salt_content_staging_window: expresses the duration, in hours, of the time window for Salt minions to stage packages in advance of scheduled installations or upgrades.

A value of salt_content_staging_advance equal to salt_content_staging_window results in the content staging window closing exactly when the installation/upgrade is scheduled to be executed, a larger value allows to separate the download time from the installation time.

These options are configured in /usr/share/rhn/config-defaults/rhn_java.conf and by default assume the following values:

  • salt_content_staging_advance:: 8 hours
  • salt_content_staging_window: : 8 hours

Note also that these parameters have only effect when Content Staging is enabled for the considered Org.