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This article documents the typical cases of tuning default values that do not comply or fit to individual environments. To overrule the default you have to append the below key/value pairs into into /etc/rhn/rhn.conf


Changing such values may result into issues not known at the time of adding this to this article.


server.susemanager.mirror = http://my.smt.server

If you use a SMT server in front of SUSE Manager, you make sure by this entry, that mgr-sync scheduled as task bunch uses the CLI parameter --from-mirror=http://my.smt.server

web.session_database_lifetime = 3600

Defines the timeout of the web ui. Default is 3600 seconds. You might want to give yourself some more time to think about your next tasks in SUSE Manager :-)

web.min_user_len = 5

Minimum character length for usernames. Default is 5. In case you want to redirect authentication via PAM, you might need SUSE Manager to accept shorter usernames. = 2048

Maximum memory allocated to the taskomatic JVM. Default is 2048 on SUSE Manager 3. If you are syncing large channels like res, increase this to 3072 or more.

SUMA2.1 uses a different variable name for this


java.taskomatic_channel_repodata_workers = 2

Number of threads generating repository metadata for channels in parallel. Default is 2. This setting has a significant effect on memory consumption, max memory needs to be adjusted accordingly via