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Import RHEL media into a SUSE Manager Channel

The goal of this procedure is having a RHEL media as a SUSE Manager channel. This mean that you will find the packages from your RHEL DVD or ISO into a regular SUSE Manager channel.

Minimal RHEL versions for Salt

Red Hat added dependency resolving packages to their releases required by Salt. Earlier versions did not have all the needed packages.

For Salt support on RH6, RHEL 6.7+ media is required.

For Salt support on RH7, RHEL 7.2+ media is required.

Create the channel in SUSE Manager

On the SUSE Manager Web UI:

  • Create the channel in SUSE Manager

Go to "Channels" -> "Manage Software Channels" - > "Create channel" and fill the basic channel details.

Best practice is to make it a child channel to the corresponding RH distribution/architecture channel from Customer Center. The parent channel will have zero packages.

  • Modify your activation key to include this new child channel.

Working with the ISO

On the CLI of SUSE Manager as root:

  • Copy the ISO to your SUSE Manager server in /tmp
  • Create a directory:
   # mkdir -p /srv/www/htdocs/pub/rhel
  • mount the iso:
   # mount -o loop /tmp/name_of_iso /srv/www/htdocs/pub/rhel
  • Start spacewalk-repo-sync:
   # spacewalk-repo-sync -c your_channel_name -u
   ## Note you may need to use http://suma_server_fqdn/pub/rhel
Repo URL:
Packages in repo:              3690
Packages already synced:          0
Packages to sync:              3690
1/3690 : texlive-latex-2007-57.el6_2-0.x86_64
2/3690 : boost-filesystem-1.41.0-18.el6-0.i686
3/3690 : policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.83-19.39.el6-0.x86_64
This might fail due to a suppressed certificate warning with this error message:
RepoError: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: pub_rhel. Please verify its path and try again

In this case please use the FQDN of the server instead of

  • After the end of the synchronization, you will be able to manipulate this channel as a regular SUSE Manager channel.