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Import RHEL media into a SUSE Manager Channel

The goal of this procedure is having a RHEL media as a SUSE Manager channel. This mean that you will find the packages from your RHEL DVD or ISO into a regular SUSE Manager channel.

Minimal RHEL 7 version for Salt

For Salt support RHEL 7.2 (aka 'SP2') is required. Redhat added packages to this released required by Salt.

On the SUSE Manager Web UI

  • Create the channel in SUSE Manager

In the Admin web UI, go to "Channels" -> "Manage Software Channels" - > "Create channel" and fill the basic channel details.

Best practice is to make it a child channel to the corresponding RH distribution/architecture channel from Customer Center. The parent channel will have zero packages.

  • Modify your activation key to include this new child channel.

On the CLI of SUSE Manager

  • Copy the ISO to your SUSE Manager server in /tmp
  • Create a directory:
   # mkdir -p /srv/www/htdocs/pub/rhel
  • mount the iso:
   # mount -o loop /tmp/name_of_iso /srv/www/htdocs/pub/rhel
  • Start spacewalk-repo-sync:
   # spacewalk-repo-sync -c your_channel_name -u
## Note you may need to use http://suma_server_fqdn/pub/rhel
Repo URL:
Packages in repo:              3690
Packages already synced:          0
Packages to sync:              3690
1/3690 : texlive-latex-2007-57.el6_2-0.x86_64
2/3690 : boost-filesystem-1.41.0-18.el6-0.i686
3/3690 : policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.83-19.39.el6-0.x86_64
  • After the end of the synchronization, you will be able to manipulate this channel as a regular SUSE Manager channel.