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How to match Subscriptions to Systems

Gather Information about Foreign Virtual Hosts

A pre-requirement to match subscriptions to systems is to have complete information about which virtual system runs on which virtual host. SUSE Manager gets this information without any further configuration if the hypervisor is a registered system running on SLES or RedHat Enterprise Linux. Third party hypervisors, like VMware or Hyper-V, need configuration described in this page.

Third party hypervisors and hypervisor managers such as VMWare vCenter are called "Virtual Host Managers" in SUSE Manager, as they are able to manage one or multiple virtual hosts, which in turn may contain virtual guests.

SUSE Manager 3 ships with a tool (virtual-host-gatherer) that can connect to VHMs using their API, request information about virtual hosts. This tool is automatically invoked via Taskomatic every night - you just need to configure your VHMs via XMLRPC APIs.

virtual-host-gatherer has the concept of optional modules - each module enables a specific Virtual Host Manager "type" to be used (eg. VMware).

Coexistence of the virtual-host-gatherer and poller

virtual-host-gatherer shouldn't be used for gathering the data from hypervisors that are registered systems in SUSE Manager (running SLES or RES). Information from such hypervisors is already retrieved using the poller utility and having the redundant information from virtual-host-gatherer may cause problems.

Configuring Virtual Host Managers via XMLRPC API

The following APIs allow you to get a list of available virtual-host-manager modules and the parameters they require:

  • virtualhostmanager.listAvailableVirtualHostGathererModules(session)
  • virtualhostmanager.getModuleParameters(session, moduleName)

The following APIs allow you to create and delete VHMs. Take care that the module parameter map must match the map returned by virtualhostmanager.getModuleParameters to work correctly:

  • virtualhostmanager.create(session, label, moduleName, parameters)
  • virtualhostmanager.delete(session, label)

The following APIs return information about configured VHMs:

  • virtualhostmanager.listVirtualHostManagers(session)
  • virtualhostmanager.getDetail(session, label)

Running virtual-host-gatherer

The virtual-host-gatherer is a tool which connects to VHMs and returns information about the virtual hosts and virtual systems running on them. In SUSE Manager 3 there is a Taskomatic job executing it nightly.

You can manually start it via the WebUI as with any Taskomatic job:

 Admin => Task Schedules => gatherer-bunch => Single Run Schedule