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How to match Subscriptions to Systems

Gather Information about Foreign Virtual Hosts

A pre requirement to match subscriptions to systems is to have complete information about which virtual system run on which virtual host. SUSE Manager already gets this information if the hypervisor is running on SLES or RedHat.

In SUSE Manager 2.1 we could not get these information from third party hypervisors like VMware or Hyper-V. In SUSE Manager 3 we have a tool (virtual-host-gatherer) which can connect to several hypervisors using their API, request the required information and store them into the SUSE Manager database.

Configure Virtual Host Managers

A Virtual Host Manager is a system/program that manages virtual hosts. It has an API which can be used from outside to get information about one or more virtual hosts managed by it.

In SUSE Manager 3 you can configure virtual host manager to regularly get information about your virtual hosts and virtual systems in your environment.

XMLRPC API for the Virtual Host Manager

  • virtualhostmanager.listAvailableGathererModules(session)
  • virtualhostmanager.getGathererModuleDetail(session, moduleName)
  • virtualhostmanager.listVirtualHostManagers(session)
  • virtualhostmanager.getDetail(session, label)
  • virtualhostmanager.create(session, label, moduleName, parameter)
  • virtualhostmanager.delete(session, label)

Run the virtual-host-gatherer

The virtual-host-gatherer is a small tool which connect to hypervisors and return information about the virtual hosts and virtual systems run on them. In SUSE Manager 3 there is a taskomatic job executing this once per day.

You can manually start the job while clicking in the WebUI on

 Admin => Task Schedules => gatherer-bunch => Single Run Schedule