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SUSE Manager Main Page

Warning: Centos is not officially supported.

Install and register a Centos 7 minion

  1. Add the Open Build Service repo for Salt:
    yum-config-manager --add-repo
  2. Import the repo key:
    rpm --import
  3. Check if there's any other repo that contains Salt.
    yum list --showduplicates salt
    If there's only one repo listed then you're fine. If not disable any other repo that contains Salt apart from the OBS one.
  4. Install the Salt minion:
    yum install salt salt-minion
  5. Change the Salt configuration to point to the Suse Manager server:
    mkdir -p /etc/salt/minion.d
    echo "master: <server fqdn>" > /etc/salt/minion.d/susemanager.conf
  6. Restart the minion:
    systemctl restart salt-minion
  7. Go to the Web UI and accept the minion key.