SUSE Manager/Provisioning with Childchannels

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Using child channels for provisioning

If you need to directly access a child channel repository e.g. during autoinstallation you have to specify the URL as follows:

 http://<IP_or_DNS_of_susemanager>/ks/dist/child/<label_of_your_child_channel>/<label_of_your_distribution>    e.g.:

You can test it by accessing the repomd.xml file of your repository via wget, e.g.:

 wget http://susemanager/ks/dist/child/sles11-sp2-suse-manager-tools-x86_64/SLES11SP2-x86_64/repodata/repomd.xml

Also the internal variable $redhat_management_server can be used within your autoyast profile, e.g.: