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Creating own Reports for spacewalk-report

WARNING: creating ad-hoc SQL based reports:

  • is totally not supported
  • needs an understanding of the database schema, which is not explicitly documented
  • might break anytime, as the schema will change and we do not document these changes

The recommended way to extract custom information from SUSE Manager is through the XMLRPC API, which is guaranteed to be stable, supported and documented. Proceed at your own risk.

The report definition files are placed in /usr/share/spacewalk/reports/data/.

Report definition format

         <A short description>
         <a multiline
         <column name 1>           <column description>
         <column name 2>           <column description>
         <column name 3>           <column description>
         <column name 4>           <column description>
         <SQL SELECT statement 
          which result in one or multiple lines with the
          exact number of columns specified above>