SUSE Manager/Osad and jabberd troubleshooting

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Jabberd troubleshooting

Configuring Osad

Jabber and OSAD client connection issues

Jabberd troubles


After a disk full error or a disk crash, the jabberd database might be corrupted and jabberd fails to start up during spacewalk-service start:

   Starting spacewalk services...
   Initializing jabberd processes...
       Starting router                                                                   done
       Starting sm startproc:  exit status of parent of /usr/bin/sm: 2                   failed
   Terminating jabberd processes...

/var/log/messages shows more details:

   jabberd/sm[31445]: starting up
   jabberd/sm[31445]: process id is 31445, written to /var/lib/jabberd/pid/
   jabberd/sm[31445]: loading 'db' storage module
   jabberd/sm[31445]: db: corruption detected! close all jabberd processes and run db_recover
   jabberd/router[31437]: shutting down


Remove the jabberd database and restart. Jabberd will automatically re-create the database.

   spacewalk-service stop
   rm -Rf /var/lib/jabberd/db/*
   spacewalk-service start

An alternative is to try another db, but SUSE Manager do not deliver drivers for it:

   rcosa-dispatcher stop
   rcjabberd stop
   cd /var/lib/jabberd/db
   rm *
   cp /usr/share/doc/packages/jabberd/db-setup.sqlite .
   sqlite3 sqlite.db < db-setup.sqlite
   chown jabber:jabber *
   rcjabberd start
   rcosa-dispatcher start

osad troubles

OSAD requires all clients to have different credentials in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/osad-auth.conf, in fact as soon as two clients have the same file they will conflict and, unfortunately, this is very poorly reported by our logs.


In case of a conflict, clients get disconnected repeatedly in a hard-to-predict pattern.


In case duplicates are found have the customer stop the OSAD process, delete the file and start OSAD again. The daemon will recreate the file with new, random contents that should really be unique:

   rcosad stop
   rm /etc/sysconfig/rhn/osad-auth.conf
   rcosad start