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Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade from SUSE Manager Server 1.7

When all requirements are met (system is registered with Novell Customer Center and latest updates are installed), you can use YaST Wagon to upgrade a SUSE Manager Sever 1.7 to SUSE Manager Server 2.1.

Stop spacewalk services

 $> spacewalk-service stop

Run /usr/sbin/wagon as root from the command line.

 # su
 # /usr/sbin/wagon

Confirm the Welcome dialog with Next.
If Wagon finds that the requirements are not met (required maintenance updates are available but not yet installed), it will do an automatic self-update, which may require a reboot. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Choose the update method in the following dialog. Select Customer Center to use the default setup (recommended).

Click Custom URL to manually choose the software channels used for the online migration. A list of channels will be displayed, providing the opportunity to manually enable, disable, add, or delete channels.

Click OK to return to the Update Method dialog.
If you want to review changes to the channel setup caused by the update process, select Check Automatic Repository Changes.
Proceed with Next.

The system will be re-registered. During this process the Pool and Updates channels will be added to the system. Confirm the addition of the channels.