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Setup Wizard


Setting up SUSE Manager typically requires some extra steps after installation for common configuration tasks. This feature makes it straightforward to get to a working state by streamlining those tasks.


  • a fully patched SUSE Manager 2.1 server (see above for migration instructions from SUSE Manager 1.7).

How to use the Setup Wizard

A Setup Wizard link is displayed when the SUSE Manager web interface is used for the fist time, and can be accessed later at any time by clicking on Admin -> Setup Wizard.

HTTP Proxy: configure a proxy server that SUSE Manager will use to access NCC and other remote servers here. Use 'hostname:port' syntax in the Hostname field if the proxy port is not 80. Clearing the fields disables proxy.

Mirror Credentials: add username and password pairs to access NCC here by clicking the "Add a New Credential" button. Upon saving, a new credential card will be displayed. Buttons below the credential card allow the following:

Mirror credential card example.png

  • see the credential validation status (green tick or red cross icon). You can re-check the credential with NCC by clicking on the icon;
  • set the primary credentials for Inter-server sync (yellow star iscon);
  • list the subscriptions related to a certain credential (list icon);
  • list the subscriptions related to a certain credential (list icon);
  • edit the credential (pencil icon);
  • delete the credential (trash can icon).

SUSE Products: add product-specific channels you are entitled to from this page, equivalently to the `mgr-ncc-sync --add-product` command. This page will display a list of all products that are available given your mirror credentials; you can add those to SUSE Manager by selecting corresponding checkboxes and clicking the "Add product" button at the page bottom.


You can as well click the individual products "Add this product" button to add it immediately.

Once you add a product, you should see it as in progress and you will be able now to select addons that require the product you added.

Note that after addition channel synchronization will take place and it could take up to several hours before corresponding channels are actually usable in SUSE Manager.


Once the product is downloaded and ready to be used, you will see a "Finished" label next to it:


Add-on products are shown when you select the corresponding base product or when you click the plus sign.

SUSE products tab.png

If you click on the channel list icon, SUSE Manager will show you the channels required by the product.


Known Issues

  • More settings will be configurable from the Wizard in future versions.
  • Due to a bug in beta 3 only the primary mirror credentials that were configured with the Wizard can be used with the mgr-ncc-sync command. Any additional credentials that were configured with the Wizard will not be considered when using mgr-ncc-sync. This will be fixed with beta 4.

Further reading

Developer information is also available on this Wiki.