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Registering a SLES12 Beta client on SUSE Manager 2.1

Known issues

  • NCC is still needed;
  • SLES12 beta 7 introduced a newer version of pyOpenSSL, v. 0.14, which has a bug that prevents all communication with SUSE Manager 2.1 GM. Please use beta 6 or downgrade your package for the time being, compatibility will be restored in a future maintenance release;
  • Currently rhncfg packages are not available in NCC because of a build issue. Please use IBS repos to install these packages as described below.


  • create a SLES12 channel with a custom repository
    • Channels -> Manage Software Channels -> Create New Channel
    • input name: sles12-beta, label: sles12-beta, summary: sles12-beta, architecture: x86_64;
    • click on Create Channel;
    • Channels -> Manage Software Channels -> Manage Repositories -> Create New Repository;
    • label: sles12-beta, url:, uncheck "Has Signed Metadata?";
    • click on Create Repository;
    • Channels -> Manage Software Channels -> sles12-beta -> Repositories -> check "sles12-beta";
    • click on Update Repositories;
    • click on the Sync tab and click on "Sync Now";
  • create a SLES12 activation key
    • Systems -> Activation Keys -> Create New
    • input description: sles12-beta, key: (1-)sles12-beta, base channel: sles12-beta;
    • click on Create Activation Key;
  • create a SLES12 bootstrap script
    • SSH to the server and use the following command:
 mgr-bootstrap --activation-keys=1-sles12-beta --no-up2date
  • run the bootstrap script on the client
    • SSH to the server and use the following command:
 cat /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap/ | ssh root@<HOSTNAME> /bin/bash
  • check that registration was successful
    • Systems -> <HOSTNAME>
  • optionally, install the rhncfg packages and enable remote commands

NOTE: rhncfg packages should already be present in SLES12 repository, but currently they are not there because of a build issue. To work around that add IBS repositories directly:

    • SSH to the client and use the following commands:
 zypper ar sle12
 zypper ref
 zypper in rhncfg rhncfg-actions rhncfg-client
 zypper rr sle12
 rhn-actions-control --enable-all