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First-time installation support in System Set Manager


In SUSE Manager 1.7, the System Set Manager Autoinstallation tab could be used to re-install a system using an Autoinstallation profile. With SUSE Manager 2.1, the same tab can be used to create Cobbler system records to install an OS to a machine even if it didn't have one.

This replicates functionality provided by the Create Cobbler System Record button in Manager 1.7 for multiple systems.

Notes for Documentation Team:

  • the "Create Cobbler System Record" button is currently not documented: see bug entry;
  • the "Autoinstallable Type" mechanism is currently not documented: see bug entry;
  • the button has been reamed from "Create Cobbler System Record" to "Create PXE installation configuration" from SUSE Manager 1.7 to 2.1.