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SUSE Manager Main Page

How to have multiple accounts flagged as 'admin'

Having just one SUSE Manager Admin (created when calling wepage for the first time) is not sufficient in most bigger environments. SUSE Manager technically supports to add SUSE Manager Admin status to users. Here's how to enable a user as SUSE Manager Admin:

  • Admin
  • Users
  • Click on questionmark icon in "SUSE Manager Admin?" column to enable
  • Click in the checkmark icon in "SUSE Manager Admin?" column to disable

In SUSE Manager 3.0.x this is no longer the case, use the following command at a terminal:

spacecmd -u admin user_addrole <username> satellite_admin You will be prompted to supply the admin password to complete the operation

To remove the assignment use the command:

spacecmd -u admin user_removerole <username> satellite_admin