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Adding multiple mirror credentials

Newer versions of spacewalk-backend and susemanager-tools can handle multiple mirror credentials.

How to setup multiple mirror credentials?

Edit /etc/rhn/rhn.conf

You must edit /etc/rhn/rhn.conf and add your additional credentials:

 # this is what you currently have, don't change it
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_user = 111111
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_pass = secret
 # add a different set of credentials like this:
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_user_1 = 222222
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_pass_1 = secret
 # you can add as many different credentials as you like, by incrementing
 #  the suffix (mirrcred_user_#)
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_user_2 = 333333
 server.susemanager.mirrcred_pass_2 = secret

After you changed rhn.conf run

 mgr-ncc-sync --refresh

Now you should see a channel list created with the combination of all mirror credentials, if you type "mgr-ncc-sync -l" .

The numbers appended to the mirrcred_* key must be numbered consecutively.

If you have configured client registration forwarding, all clients are registered against the company identified by "mirrcred_user".


  • this patch is backwards compatible with your currently installed channels. As long as you don't change your default credentials in the config file (mirrcred_user/mirrcred_pass) everything should keep working.
  • you can add as many sets of credentials as you like, but they must all be consecutive (i.e. mirrcred_user, mirrcred_user_1, mirrcred_user_2 etc.). If you skip one number, that's where mgr-ncc-sync will stop looking for more credentials (e.g. if the config file has mirrcred_user, mirrcred_user_1, mirrcred_user_3 only the first two redentials will be read).
  • if you want to change credentials, you can do so in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf. If the previous credentials were used by one of your installed channels and the new credentials no longer provide access to that channel, connecting to NCC for that channel will no longer work. You need to remove the channel (and re-add it if you have access to that channel using a different set of credentials).
  • You can use `spacewalk-remove-channel -c channel-x` to remove a channel and `mgr-ncc-sync -c channel-x` to (re-)add it.