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Migration from SUSE Manager 2.1 to SUSE Manager 3

The migration from SUSE Manager 2.1 to SUSE Manager 3 works quite the same as a migration from Red Hat Satellite to SUSE Manager. There is NO in-place migration! The migration happens from the original machine to a new one. While this has the drawback that you temporarily need two machines, it also has the advantage that the original machine will remain fully functional in case something goes wrong.

The whole process may be tricky, so it is strongly advised that the migration is done by an experienced consultant. Given the complexity of the product, the migration is an "all-or-nothing", this means if something goes wrong you will need to start all over. Error handling is very limited. Nevertheless it should work more or less out of the box if all the steps are carefully executed as documented.

Please note that the migration involves dumping the whole database on the source machine and restoring it on the target machine. This is a very time-consuming process! Also all of the channels and packages need to be copied to the new machine, so expect the whole migration to take several hours!