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Running SUSE Manager in the SUSE cloud

Right now it is not possible to use the SUSE Manager appliance as is and install it onto an instance in the SUSE cloud. The reason is that the cloud currently cannot handle the installation ISO as it is shipped. Chances are this will be supported in the future, but it will also require some changes in the workflow: Right now the cloud expects a self contained image that is bootable. In order to support SUSE Manager's installation ISO, it will need to be possible to attach a virtual disk to install the appliance on.

So for the time being, one needs to create the (installed) image on ones own: Define a virtual machine with an empty disk (recommendation is to use qcow2 as format) and the ISO as virtual CD-ROM device. Start the virtual machine and let the installer do its job. After the installation is complete, shut down the virtual machine. Now the virtual disk image is self-contained and bootable and can be uploaded into the cloud and started.

Of course the very same applies to the SUSE Manager proxy as well.