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SUSE Manager Main Page

Create a Custom Channel with Your own repo

You may have your own content - rpm's you control - that you wish to add as a child channel to your managed systems. Here is a primer on making that happen. You can choose your own channel name, parent channel, and architecture. This example adds a new custom child channel to SLES12SP3 x86_64

Create the channel

From the web interface of your SUSE Manager server, Select 'Software -> Manage Software Channels'

  • On the right, click on the 'create new channel' link
    1. Give the channel a name 'My Tools SLES 12 SP3 x86_64', and the label 'my-tools-sles12sp3-x86_64'
    2. Choose the parent channel 'SLES12-SP3-Pool for x86_64' from the drop-down.
    3. Select 'x86_64' from the Channel Architecture drop-down.
    4. In the Channel Summary box, type 'My Tools SLES 12 SP3 x86_64'
    5. At the bottom of the page, click on 'Create Channel'

Create the repository

From the menu column, click on 'Manage Repositories'.

  • On the upper right, choose 'create new repository'
    1. In the 'Repository Label' box type 'my-tools-sles12sp3-x86_64-repo'
    2. In the URL box, put the location of your folder that contains the yum folder 'repodata'. You can use any valid protocol to address it. For example:
    3. Uncheck the 'Has Signed Metadata' box, and click the 'Create Repository' button

Sync the content in your newly created repository

In the web UI:

  1. Select Channels, Manage Software Channels, select the 'My Tools SLES 12 SP3 x86_64' channel
  2. On the right, select Repositories.  Check the box next to the "client-tools-sles11sp1x86_64" repository, and click on "Update Repositories"
  3. Click on the word "Sync", and you can schedule a sync or simply click "Sync Now"

Assign your channel via Activation Key

From the menu column, select Systems -> Activation Keys

  1. Edit your Activation Key(s), and select the 'My Tools SLES 12 SP3 x86_64' from the available Child Channels associated with the key.
  2. Hold Ctrl to select multiple child channels if desired.
  3. When finished, click on 'Update Key'

This will properly add your content to newly activated systems.