SUSE Manager/CLient Server package inconsistency

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Clients not showing available updates that are shown in the webUI

The WebUI show, that there are updates available, but on that client the updates are not shown. When the update is scheduled, it failed with no updates available.

The following reasons could cause this behavior:

The metadata not (yet) regenerated

After syncing new updates new metadata need to be generated on the server, while the information that updates are available appears directly. Either taskomatic is still running and creating the new metadata or taskomatic crashed.

  • check /var/log/rhn/rhn_taskomatic_daemon.log for still running process or exceptions which indicate a crash.
  • in case of a crash, restart taskomatic

See also Corrupt channel/repository data

Packages locked or excluded

If packages are locked or excluded on the client SUSE Manager do not know it. Check package locks and exclude lists.

  • On Expanded Support Platform: Check /etc/yum.conf and search for "exclude=..."
  • On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Call "zypper locks"