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Archive log settings in SUSE Manager 1.7

In SUSE Manager 1.7 with an embedded database we enable archive logging by default on oracle as well as on postgres. This allows the new database management tool smdba to perform hot backups.

With archive log enabled, a lot more data are stored on the hard disk.

Using an oracle database the archive log data will be removed as soon as you create a database backup using smdba.

With postgresql only a limited number of archive logs is kept. With the default configuration ca. 64 files with a size of 16MiB are kept.

Creating a user and syncing the channels:

  • sles11-sp1-pool-x86_64
  • sles11-sp1-updates-x86_64
  • sles11-sp2-core-x86_64
  • sles11-sp2-updates-x86_64

will produce on postgres ~1GB and on oracle ~7GB additional data.

So it is important to think about a backup strategy and create a backup in a regular way.

The archive logs are stored

  • on postgres: /var/log/pgsql/data/pg_xlog/
  • on Oracle: /opt/apps/oracle/oradata/<sid>/

For performing a backup you can use the smdba command:

On postgres:

smdba backup-hot --enable=on --backup-dir=<path to backup dir>

This configures a continuous archiving backup.

On Oracle:

smdba backup-hot

On Oracle the backup is stored in /opt/apps/oracle/flash_recovery_area/SUSEMANAGER/

If you want to disable archive logging on the oracle database (! not recommended !) you can turn it off with:

smdba system-check force-archivelog-off

Performing a backup with smdba is not possible if you turn off the archive log.