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3rd Party Applications that Work with Outlook and GroupWise 7

Do you use a 3rd party application that "works" with Outlook, but not GroupWise? With GroupWise 7 you can use Outlook as a client for GW7 servers. It would be great if the community could begin building a list of applications that work or don't work here. However, if you have a 3rd party application that does NOT work, please make sure to post a message in the GroupWise Support Newsgroups to ensure that this information gets to the proper folks at Novell.

I'd suggest this format:

Product_Name: _______________

  • Version: product version goes here
  • Status: (Select one) Works, Works Somewhat, Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Briefly describe what doesn't work or what does

For technical support on the Outlook Connector, we recommend that you go to the GW 7 Client Support Newsgroup rather than leaving support questions in the discussion page of this Wiki.

Product_Name: Google Desktop

  • Version: 20051111-en
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Can't use google desktop to search emails in groupwise.

    • This is a good thing - messages are encrypted for security **.

true,but could be done via objectAPI. Having said that, I think point of this wiki is to document if it works with OutLook Connector. Google Desktop directly uses the PST apis to read PSTS. GW isn't a PST so it aint gonna happen soon IMO --Mikebell90 01:46, 23 October 2006 (MDT)

Product_Name: Stellent ECM

  • Version: N/A
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Does not integrate Document management folders inside Groupwise like in Microsoft Outlook

Product_Name: WebEx

  • Version: Meeting Manager 7.0.12
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Can't schedule, start, and join online meetings from within Groupwise.

Product_Name: Goldmine CRM

  • Version: 6.7
  • Status: Doesn't Work with Goldmine's Outlook sync
  • Comments: Goldmine can't sync sent items as they are NGW Items

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