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Linux (not) running applications

Can anyone think of things that do run an operating system that will definitely not run on Linux?

I have seen cell phones, PDAs, and even parking meters that run some version of embedded Linux.

Bill Gates' house will probably never run Linux.

Linux uses the Intel 80386 chip's protected mode-functions extensively, and is a true 32-bit operating system. CPUs before the 80386 will not run post-2.4 Linux kernels as these CPUs lack protected modes.

Using YaST for installing non-SuSE packaged software

I'm curious on the best method for using YaST / update software for installing RPM's which are not part of the standard SuSE set of SLES packages.

For example,


For now, I've been downloading various RPMs [1] into a given special directory (i.e. /disks) . Then pointing update sources to that directory, and ignoring the error which comes up.

It seems to work ok, but wondering if there's a better way of doing this... like putting the direct FTP site in YaST (error's out for me).

Also, periodically, YaST Software update crashes on me, given certain RPM packages. Completely reproducable, who should I report it to?



Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated... Thanks,

--IainDavidson 20:30, 30 Jul 2005 (MDT)