Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Best Practices Migration Guide

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To help streamline the transition to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, Novell has worked with the Cool Solutions community to develop the migration best practices guide below. This guide is meant to be a living, breathing document that evolves as you gain experience migrating to Open Enterprise Server 2. Accordingly, please contribute your tips, tricks and best practices to this wiki so others can take advantage of your expertise.

Periodically, the content in this wiki will be aggregated into a PDF document that will be published in the Cool Solutions community.


  • Getting Started
    Why OES 2?
    Which Services Are Right for OES 2?
    What Migration Tools Are Available?
    How Much Training Is Needed?
  • Before You Start
    Take Inventory
         OES 2 Server Software
         OES 2 Server Hardware
         Plan Before You Migrate
         Hardware Considerations
         Application Compatibility Considerations
         Other Considerations
  • eDirectory Installation & Migration
    Choosing an eDirectory Version
    Analyzing eDirectory Design
    Choosing an eDirectory Installation or Migration Strategy
    Installation Prerequisites
         Check Existing Directory Health
         Check Requirements and Prerequisites
    Installing eDirectory 8.8 on OES 2 (Linux)
         Installing eDirectory during the OES 2 Linux (SLES 10) Installation
         Installing the eDirectory Server in a New eDirectory Tree
         Installing an eDirectory Server into an Existing Tree
         Adding LDAP Authentication Through eDirectory
         Additional Information
         Using ndsconfig to Install eDirectory
    Configuring eDirectory on OES 2
    eDirectory Migration
         Migration Process Using Replicas
         Migration Process Using migedir
         Move, Create, or Import Users
    Remove Directory Services from NetWare
    Accessing eDirectory Management Tools
    Additional eDirectory Resources
  • File System Installation & Migration
    Supported File Systems
         Novell File Systems
         Traditional Linux File Systems
         Best Bets
         File System and Directory Structure Comparison
         Linux File Permissions
    Planning File System Migration
         Plan the File System Layout
         Identify Needed File System Components
         Plan the NSS Implementation
         Identify NSS Coexistence and Migration Issues
         Additional Information
    Installing NSS on Linux
    Migrating NSS Data and Devices from NetWare to Linux
         NSS Migration Prerequisites
         Moving Devices
         Setting Up File Access for Users
         Deactivating and Reactivating Pools
         Migrating NSS Data
         Additional Information
    Post Migration Procedures
         Restore Rights and Ownership
  • Migrating Background Infrastructure Services
    Novell Cluster Services
    GroupWise Collaboration Services
         Installing or Upgrading GroupWise on OES 2
         Migrating NetWare GroupWise to OES 2
    Service Location Protocol (SLP)
         Configure SLP on Linux
    Time Synchronization
    Anti-Virus and Backup Software
         Set Up Workstation Printer Agents
         Set Up iPrint on OES 2
         Migrate iPrint to OES 2
    Securing the OES 2 Server
  • Server Consolidation & Virtualization
         XEN and NetWare
         XEN and Other Operating Systems
    Candidates for Virtualization and Consolidation
    Novell Fast Track Virtualization Engagements
    Additional Information
  • Appendix A: Preparing to Install OES 2
    Gather Installation Information
    Plan Disk Partitioning
    OES 2 Installation and Configuration Notes
    Building an AutoYaST Repository (Images)