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Welcome to the NetMail Wiki!!

As already mentioned on the wiki main page, please feel free to join in. You can read anything in here without logging in, but if you feel like commenting on something, or starting a new topic, you'll need to use a Novell Login account (which you'll be prompted to create if you don't already have one). If you are unfamiliar with using Wiki's in general, please visit Novell Wiki or the grandaddy wiki info site for some background info.

What is it?

NetMail is a E-mail and calendaring system that can handle 2 to 200,000 users.

NetMail's components run on a variety of OS platforms, including Linux, NetWare and Windows.

NetMail has two flavors - Foundation and Advanced.


This is the basic NetMail package, and delivers E-Mail and basic calendaring functions. It is aimed at environments where the user population has little need for collaboration - for example, an ISP providing E-Mail mailboxes to its customers.


The Advanced package offers some collaboration features atop the services provided in the Foundation package. These include shared calendars and the ability to look up other user calendars. It is aimed at an organization that wants to provide E-mail and basic collaboration services to a large population, using standard protocols (IMAP, POP, iCal).


While NetMail is itself not open-source, Novell has donated 200,000 lines of code to the open source project Hula. Hula is basically the open-source fork of NetMail.

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