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This page was last modified on 09/25/2013

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This wiki page details the compatibility and functionality of the Motorola Moto X with Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector. Please contribute relevant information or corrections in our effort to facilitate end-user experience.

Note: This page is not for reporting defects and bugs. Those should be reported in the Novell Forums. Only limitations that are consequences of the nature of the phone should be reported here.

Device Summary


Novell Certified for Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector?   Yes
Ease of Setup   Excellent
Email   Fully Supported
Contacts Fully Supported
Calendar   Fully Supported

Setup Instructions

Basic instructions on getting your Mobility Pack running on your Motorola Moto X device:

1. Make sure that your Mobility Pack server is up and running and you have the following information:

  • Server address
  • Port (if non-standard)
  • Whether the server requires a secure connection or not

2. From the main home page, click on the "Menu" button.

  • Select "All apps"
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Add Account"
  • Select "Corporate"

3. It will now prompt you to enter in the information for the account you are adding:

  • Enter in your GroupWise email address at the ""
  • Enter in your password
  • Select "Next"
  • Enter in the rest of your required information
    • Domain/username (if required)
    • Server
  • Also select if your account has an encrypted SSL connection.
  • Click "Next"
  • If a security warning pops up stating that "This certificate is not from a trusted authority". Click "Continue".

4. Select to sync mail, contacts, and calendar items (if you wish for these items to be sync to your device)

  • Click "Next"

5. Your Motorola Moto X should now start syncing all the items that you selected. Go to mail, calendar, or contacts to view the synced items.


Working Features:

  • Send
  • Receive
  • Forward
  • Reply
  • Reply all
  • Delete
  • Move to Folder
  • Push
  • Fetch

Device Limitations (not defects):
Currently, Android 4.X Does not send out push notifications for emails sent directly to sub folders through Group wise folder rules. It does work for previous android versions.



Working Features:

  • Device to GW
  • GW to Device
  • All contact attributes

Device Limitations (not defects):



Working Features:

  • Accept
  • Modify
  • Decline
  • Notifications

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Unable to modify appointments on the phone. Works fine modifying from GroupWise.


Other Notes


Please do not use this wiki to report bugs or defects. Instead, use the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Forum or contact Novell Technical Support.