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This page was last modified on 02/16/2011

This wiki page details the compatibility and functionality of the Motorola Backflip with Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector. Please contribute relevant information or corrections in our effort to facilitate end-user experience.

Note: This page is not for reporting defects and bugs. Those should be reported in the Novell Forums. Only limitations that are consequences of the nature of the phone should be reported here.

Device Summary


Novell Certified for Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector?   Unknown.
Ease of Setup   Average
Email   Works pretty well  -  Unknown whether Supported
Contacts Fully Supported/Supported with Limitations/Not Supported
Calendar   Mostly Works  -  Unknown whether Supported

OS Requirements:
Android 2.1

Setup Instructions

  • Go to Settings, Accounts (or Messaging, Menu, Manage Accounts)
  • Click "Add account" Button
  • Select Corporate Sync
  • In the Domain\Username filed, enter just the eDirectory username (no domain\)
  • In the password, enter the user's eDirectory password
  • Select or De-Select "Use Secure Connection" depending on whether your Server is set to use SSL
  • You'll need to put their email address in the email address field
  • In the server field, enter the DNS-Resolvable Server Name or Public IP Address
  • Click Next

SSL Considerations


Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):



Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):



Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):

Had some issues with items appearing in GW but not replicating to Device.
Also, Device assumes GroupWise (Corporate Sync) is the Default Calendar and I haven't figured out how to change that.

Other Notes

  • Kill Pill is not supported for Android devices.


Please do not use this wiki to report bugs or defects. Instead, use the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Forum or contact Novell Technical Support.

Further Reading


Scott Hutchinson.