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Tim Heywood - Edinburgh, Scotland


Tim has been only been working with GroupWise for the past 10 years and spends far too much of his time of his copious spare time in the GroupWise forums.

It has been reported that he has been seen walking the streets of Utah in a skirt (kilt) every spring. A regular speaker at BrainShare and UK technical events Tim enjoys practicing what he preaches with all of Novell's products.

Tim specialises in Novell Cluster Services, GroupWise and Workstation Management while providing consultancy with the more traditional NetWare and BorderManager products. In his copious spare time, Tim acts as the product manager for GWMigrate, a tool that upgrades an Exchange Server to a real mail system, and has been directly involved in the migration (upgrade) of over 12,000 users from Exchange

Tim works as the CTO for NDS8, a Novell Platinum Partner based in Edinburgh and works with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the World.